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Whether it’s a Victorian in Lafayette Square, a mid-century modern in Crestwood, or a gingerbread in Southampton; home is your safe haven & a place to create happy memories with those you love. Our family of hard-working real estate professionals are here to help you get there.

Portrait photo of David Lemon

David Lemon

Meet David, aka Lemon, a native St. Louisan! You’ll quickly become captivated with his excitement for life & up-beat personality. While he may be a “go go go” kinda guy, he’s a truly great listener focused on building relationships with his clients. Lemon is very passionate about St. Louis sports, music, the Arts, & way-too-niche YouTube channels about urban planning & city development. His opinions on controversial St. Louis things are as follows: Imo's Pizza is just's pizza. Fritz's is better than Ted Drewe's. Tower Grove Park is better than Forest Park. You have to say, "look, there's the Arch!” or you’re not a local. Lemon is also single-handedly working to replace "Where'd you go to high school," with, "Why do you love St. Louis?"You can find Lemon & his wife, Brenn, around town in places like Midtown taking in the Arts at Fly North Theatricals, eating at their favorite restaurant, Louie, playing golf at the Gimme Golf Club, supporting small businesses, and playing with their 7-year-old red mini-goldendoodle, Quinn. If you want to know anything about STL & gain a new friend for life, Lemon is your guy.